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time: 2022-08-06 11:16:15

The Story of BMANI

We were born to be a great earbuds producer. But our true passion? Discovering new and better solutions than anything that’s come before. We “always dream of things that are better, and think of ways to reach those things.”

Our journey to being the perfect wireless sport headphones began with a need—hands free.  As the basic essentials for sports, leisure, entertainment, and office, there’s one thing we’ve learned from daily requirements for audio products, it’s that wires get in the way. They catch on trees, they stick to your body when you sweat, they wear out, and they get tangled in your pocket or pack. We wanted to feel as free as possible during use, and our goal became to create earphones that we could forget we were wearing.  


We came up with an ultra-comfortable, ultra-secure design that uses interchangeable components to offer a customizable fit for nearly any ear size. Because people’s ears vary widely in shape and size, we created unique eartips. Our headphones come with three different pairs of tips (in sizes S/M/L), so you can choose the one that feels best to you.

Then we improved the durability, sweat- and weather-resistance to ensure our buds can survive high-intensity training, unexpected weather, and the rigors of day-in, day-out use.


But you want that performance to be wireless, with reliable Bluetooth connectivity — for every type of headphone. So we engineered headphones that give you extraordinary performance and superior comfort. With no wires and no compromises, you’re free to get lost in your music.

And you never have to reach for your device, intuitive controls let you switch seamlessly between two Bluetooth devices, change volume or tracks, and take/end calls. That means you can play music, receive texts, and get answers using just the headphones. With headphones engineered to deliver a better wireless experience, you can stay in the zone — whether you’re at the gym, the office, or anywhere in between.


BMANI earbuds provide extended battery life per charge — that’s enough time for the average person to run a marathon! Just like you recover after a run, give the buds a breather in the included charging case. When fully charged, the case can provide more additional charges.

And then we tackled sound.

No matter the style, BMANI headphones has you covered! Music is an experience and BMANI delivers the uncompromising sound and an immersive experience with wireless technology that compliments your still on the go and blocks out the world so you can focus on what you’re listening to.


Building on our passion for listening we have grown to design critically acclaimed headphones, remaining a business that believes in the principle of customer supremacy and retaining the belief that high-quality audio should be accessible to all.

Welcome to the world of BMANI Wireless Earbuds!

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