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We were born to be a great earbuds producer. But our true passion? Discovering new and better solutions than anything that's come before. We "always dream of things that are better, and think of ways to reach those things".

Our journey to being the perfect wireless sport headphones began with a need—hands free. As the basic essentials for sports, leisure, entertainment, and office, there's one thing we've learned from daily requirements for audio products, it's that wires get in the way. They catch on trees, they stick to your body when you sweat, they wear out, and they get tangled in your pocket or pack. We wanted to feel as free as possible during use, and our goal became to create earphones that we could forget we were wearing.

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What Our Customers Say?

Kathryn Braun

Affordable, great sound, comfortable, and lifetime warranty.


One headphone died within the first 90 days and the company won’t respond. Decent when they worked.

meriam Fowler

The only dislike is that the sound in one lags behind the other headphone

Patricia A. Laury

Good set - easy to use and comfortable


I like that the case tells you the battery life left and how compact it is. The fit is great once I changed to the smaller buds (love that there are 3 sizes). I am very happy.


Just received these earbuds so can’t give a complete review but I’m pleased with the product, delivery was fast. Only negative: no instructions so needed to “fiddle around” to get things going.


The charging case is a game changer!!!! I love the fact that I can have a lot of battery life. I used one earbud an entire day. And when I went to add it to the charging case, it still had a lot of life left.


The battery life on this is awesome..It lasts for days. And I like the hook around your ear so the ear bud doesn't fall out or lost!


I love these headphones I can hear callers loud and clear. The music is load and the base in the ear pieces don't bother my hearing.

Amy Chambers

I really like the fit in my ear - and I have weird ears. I also find them to be easy to use and great for working in my office area.


I probably have 50 pairs of wireless buds and there is always something I don’t like. But this far I haven’t found any negatives about this pair. I love them!


They work really well and pair with devices really easily

Amazon Customer

I like them

Natasha hulme

I love everything I have no dislikes

Laura Nelson

I really am glad I took a chance on these. Great battery life. Love the color purple. Highly recommend, you will not be disappointed


The battery life of this is great. But it is like mine has a short or something in it. So it cuts in and out a whole lot. And it can't even be returned. Waste of money. Can't enjoy the earbuds

Robert G. Higgins

These earbuds hold a charge for a long, long time. Very handy and nice sound for the price.I like the ear pieces that keep my earbuds in place.

Lourdes Hernandez

They disconnect constantly even with full charge

sheila manye

The eatbuds not only looks good, but they stays in my ear as I listen to the Word of God, as I do my daily walk. They also are very reasonable and the quality of sound is excellent

What is the range distance? I need atleast 100ft

The manual says the range is 30 feet.

Son contra el agua

Sii contra el agua

Will these fit securely around a child’s ear? Someone with small ears.

It has 3 different sizes silicone caps. It will be best to try.

Left one doesnt seem to work? Any suggestions

I had to reconnect one ear bud a few times and used a youtube video to figure it out. However now, the left earbud wont even connect to charge as the small little magnetic things on the back wont sit right on the charging things so it's always dead. I was able to use masking tape a few times to tape it down to get them to connect but now that's not working either. I've had to buy another brand and only keep this as a back up for the other working ear bud.

How to reset the bluetooth earbuds?

When using wireless earbuds for the first time, please peel off the film on the earbuds. And charge them fully. In this case, we suggest you reset the bluetooth headphones. There are two ways to reset as below: 1. Delete the original T16 Bluetooth from your phone, then toggle off the Bluetooth on your device. Make sure the earbuds are in power-off status (if the earbuds are not powered off status, please hold down the earbuds MFB for 5 seconds, let it power off, earbuds flash red light for 1 sec), 2. Turn off the bluetooth on your device before you do anything, then take one of the earbud out of charging case firstly, and quadruple click "MFB" button, then take the other out of case, and quadruple click "MFB" button. We also include the reset video, please check it for your reference. Hope our reply helps.

Will they reconnect when you walk out of range? I have an iPhone 12

Not sure if they reconnect on IPhone but they do on Android.

Is there a way to unpair the earbuds? I turn them on and it says connected but they are not connected on my phone?

I tried everything. You can delete them from ur phone. I tried for 2-3 days. I just returned them.

Can one earbud be charging while the other one is being used? Can they be used independently?

Yes. They can be used independently. It will also charge one while the other is being used.

How to turn the volume up on the bluetooth headphones?

There are slightly slow response times when you press the buttons, so you need to wait for 2 seconds to click the next time. Volume buttons must be pushed slowly you can't rapidly click them. It works with a slight pause between presses, so please try again. Last but not least, please turn the volume up on your phone, if you forget to turn on the volume of your phone, it will doesn't work.

Will they work with a iPhone 13 ?

Yes, However, after less than 60 days the bids won’t connect properly in the charging case. Amazon or the manufacturer were not helpful. I am in search for a new pair.

I actually need a very smaller earbuds Bluetooth


Are these bluetooth earphones compatible with Android devices?

Yes, I have a samsung qnd it is seamless and doesn't fall off easily either

Earbuds connect and disconnect repeatedly

We are not having that issue. Is it it always or only 8j certain locations? I do notice BT on my bicycle computer to phone disconnects in certain intersections, so it could be environmental

What is the status when the wireless earbuds are charging in the case?

when you receive the earphones, please remove the insulating film firstly. We put the earbuds into the charging case. If the earbuds are not fully charged, the led bars of earbuds will flash, and the led indicator of earbuds is red light. Once they are fully charged, led bars and led indicator of earbuds will go off.

Can you charge the case using a wireless charger?

Sorry, this wireless earbuds don't support wireless charging.

What is the core size?

Earbud post is very small - comes with three different sizes of ear caps. I used the smallest and it works perfectly. Great set.....

I would like to purchase a longer charging cable but I am not sure what type of cable came with these. Has anyone else purchased a longer cable?

It comes with a usb-c cable. I haven’t bought a longer cable but I just use the cables I have for other devices that need the usb-c.

Right not charging, why?

Yes you can

Will these work with samsung galaxy a51?

Yes, they will pretty much work with anything that has Bluetooth. But these earbuds are of very poor quality. Don't waste your money. Mine only lasted for about a month before they stopped charging and a lot of other people had the same experience.

What is the warranty on this?

I don't know what the actual warranty is, but I bought the extra 2 year accidental warranty just in case. It doesn't cost much. So far I absolutely love mine.


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